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Let me give you a little history behind Tales of Teaching with Tech! 

I did my student teaching in Northern California in a k/1 combo class and at Waldorf inspired charter school in fourth grade.  I packed my bags and made a new home in the great Central Valley of California.  I taught at a local charter school and then moved onto the high school realm.  After teaching 9th and 10th graders, I realized elementary is where I need to be. (Even though there are moments where I miss the sassy wit of high schoolers... usually those moments last a few seconds!)

Recently hired as a third grade teacher at a 1:1 (one computer for every student) school.  I was a little intimidated at first but was welcomed into a wonderful and helpful staff.  I teach at a rural school that is surrounded by almond orchards and dairies.  It is amazing to see such innovative happening with the leadership of a principal with such a strong tech vision, a staff who is 100% on board and students that are ready to learn in a new way.

I want to use my blog to showcase how I am teaching 1:1 daily, what resources I am using to get all my common core standards in and the pros and cons of apps and websites. I want to create a sounding board for teachers that are adopting technology in the their classrooms, share resources and you know.... teacher stuff! :)

Please contact me... if you have any questions!

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