Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Made It

Monday Made It actually makes me get to work and finish some projects that go into the deep dark chaotic cave I refer as my craft room. (My boyfriends calls it my CRAP room and he describes as a Micheals that has gone through a very large earthquake.)
At the Goodwill, I found this awesome TossAcross game. Without hesitation, I put it in my cart. My mind starting thinking of all the possibilities I could do with this. I peeled off all the stickers and used my Circut to cut numbers out of vinyl.  I am going to use it to strengthen my kids addition skills at the beginning of the year and multiplication skills mid year. Total money spent on project was just over $5.
I have been thinking of back to school and I always take pictures of my students the first day of school.  They are always wearing their new shoes, newest outfit and usually a new haircut. I made these first and last day of school signs. The hardest part was trying to decide what frame to put it in. (By the way, look at these cuties!!!)

I made a welcome banner for my door. Download it for FREE for being just fabulous!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Teaching POV

I have had these pictures on my phone and the blog idea in my head for awhile now... okay since the end of April.  I figured summer is the best time to get caught up on all the things we don't do during school time... Right?   

My students were having the hardest time "getting" Point of View.  I paid my  local public library a visit and found as many variations as I could.  A sample of  what ended up in my very heavy tote is above. 
 We started off the week with watching a short video clip rendition of The Three Little Pigs and I read The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs.  We determined the POV and compared and contrasted the clip and the story.  

By the end of the week, my students became POV experts and I broke them into smaller groups to test their new POV skills.  I provided each group with two variations of a well-known fairytale and they got to work.  
They created Venn Diagrams to show the POV of each story and compared and contrasted the two texts. 
It was a total success and all the prep was making a stop at my local library.  (The truth is... I thought of the idea on Sunday afternoon and was very lucky that the public library was open!)