Tuesday, December 30, 2014

SLANT: Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers

I stumbled across an amazing blog this summer, Lessons With Coffee, and was intrigued by these SLANT boxes Jameson was organizing. This is the low down on how it works... you sign up and you will receive two email addresses at the beginning of the month and you reach out and start chatting!  There are a few rules that have been set! You have to follow the theme,  have a handmade item, a note and must be at least a ten dollar value.

Let me tell you about my experience with SLANT so far.  I met Ana from Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard and she actually inspired me to start my blog.  My partner from this month was Sarah from Kovescence of the Mind.  (Her box is below... the theme was 12 days of Christmas!) SLANT gives you that chance to meet other educators, correspond on a non-work level and you get the chance to send little tokens of appreciation to fellow teachers!

Head over to Lessons with Coffee and sign up for SLANT!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Kahoot Craze

Have you heard about Kahoot?

My students go CRAZY over Kahoot.  My coworker, Mr. Baptie, told me about Kahoot at the beginning of the year and once you Kahoot with your class you can never go back.

Kahoot is a fun online way to review information. It is quite easy. You create a test with whatever information you would like to review. After you create the test, Kahoot will generate a game pin. Yours students log on to https://kahoot.it/#/ and they create nickname to log on. (This is the really fun part for my third graders!) Depending on how quickly and correctly students answer questions depends on where they rank on the scoreboard.

The benefits for the teacher... If a student gets the answer correct, the computer screen turns green and if the student gets it wrong the computer screen turns red.  It is a great way for you assess within in seconds. 
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Now go get your Kahoot on....