Friday, December 11, 2015

Teacher HACKS: #1

Hacks, Teachers, TOMS
When ALL love TOMS as teachers!

My teacher HACKS consist of buying youth TOMS. For example, (I do not have dainty, petite feet) I wear a size 9 in women TOMS and I wear a youth size 6.  The reason, I like buying youth is because they are CHEAPER, have more CUSHION and there are so many PATTERNS you can choose from!!

If my wide, solid caveman feet can fit into a youth TOMS... consider trying them on!!!


  1. Ooh i love Toms! Definitely gonna try my luck hope they have my size though. I love patterns so i think thats awesome!

  2. I have some pairs of sneakers but I have never tried Toms, gonna find a pair because after searching, they had so many beautiful pattern.
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