Friday, September 11, 2015

Five for Friday

This is my VERY first five for Friday! (woot! woot!)

I have chosen five items from my classroom that I love but is very CHEAP!!! oh...yeah... let's be real... TEACHERS LOVE CHEAP!
 I found this at the Dollar Tree and use it as a whiteboard eraser. (It works really well!) I just take it home...every few months and wash it! A total win-win!
 I bought this last school year and literally just screwed it to the wall.  It is very visual and my kids know to come in and move the magnet for their attendance. I think I spent $9 bucks at Walmart.
 Last year, I used sheet protectors for my math rotations and for small groups.  They got banged up so quickly.  I found these job ticket holders on Amazon for less then a buck a piece. They are so durable!!
 You are probably seeing a theme with my color scheme. I love teal/ turquoise!! I found these solo cups at Target for 3 bucks and I think there were 50 in pack.  I use them for everything in my classroom. Easy and cheap! SCORE! 
Ikea spice rack works prefect as Ms. Cole's read-aloud book shelf. I think it cost $3 at IKEA. I planned to plant it but school started... so that did not happen! 
Here are 5 random things in my classroom that I love and only spent a few bucks on.


  1. Love your blog post and how creative you are using different things around your class!! Some great ideas!

    Teaching Autism

  2. Ahhh, so many good ideas here! I know my kids would love that scrubber... going to have to pick one of those up.

    Years That Ask Questions

  3. This post just gave me so many great ideas!!! I'm a little annoyed I didn't know about the "ticket holders" before haha. I spent MUCH MORE on something similar from Lakeshore. I checked on Amazon, and those are perfect!! Great find :)

    Katie at Creative After Bedtime

  4. Katie! Thank you so much for the comment! I was totally checking out the Lakeshore ones and knew there had to be a cheaper item out there!! There's always next year!

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